Friday the 13th………………

Birthday, tornado, ER, oh my!  Yesterday was interesting and filled with moments of panic and many blessings.  It began around four in the morning with Kort crawling in our bed with a runny nose and sneezing.  We gave him a Benadryl and before drifting off to sleep he asked how long it was before he could open birthday presents. 

He opened presents first thing and then the birthday boy was off to McKinley for a special day at school.  He took the most adorable cupcakes, made by Emma J’s, and Remy was in his backpack.  He was the Star Student of the Week and got to take something special for show and tell.  He has been waiting for months to take Remy for show and tell so the fact that it all was happening on his birthday was icing on the cake. 

He was also extremely excited about his birthday party planned for later in the evening.  He was looking forward to decorating the house in Scooby-Doo fashion.  Suzy had picked him up from school and at some point I realized I needed more plates.  I asked Suzy if they’d go pick up the plates before she brought him home.  My mom was out picking up the cake, Kent was at practice and I was home getting things ready.  Next thing I know the sirens are blowing.  I changed the TV  channel to a local station, hear something about a tornado and the cable goes out.  I get a call from Kent but we get disconnected.  I can’t reach Suzy or mom.  I’m panicked. 

All four were in the path of the tornado at different times and different parts of town.  Thankfully they all made it home safely.  Now the question was, what do we do about the party?  It’s time to pick up the Shaggy strips and Fred fries, we’ve rented a moonbounce for entertainment,  roads are closed, mom’s stuck on the west side with the Scooby cake, Kort’s running a low grade temp and another storm is on the way.  I’m panicked.

We move on and have the party as planned.  Our friends and family slowly begin arriving at the house.  My mom finally made it with the cake.  Kort is thrilled and the party begins.  We ate Shaggy strips and Fred fries, the kids  jumped in the moonbounce, Kort opened presents, we ate Scooby cake and ice cream and watched the Thunder game.  About 8:30, Kent suggested I check Kort’s temp.  He and the kids were playing in his room having a wonderful time.  101.5!  I’m panicked.

Kent and I loaded up and headed to Children’s.  Our remaining guests cleaned up the party and locked the doors as they left.  What a blessing to have wonderful friends and family.  It reminded me of the night Kort was diagnosed.  They came together and managed the situation with hesitation so we could focus on what needed to be done for Kort. 

Kort fell asleep in the truck.  He slept in the waiting room.  He slept in the isolation room while being examined by the doctor.  He felt bad and was exhausted.  It was time to access his port and he practically slept through that.  We had a pleasant surprise from Ms. Cottingham.  She came to visit and although Kort was tired he was glad to see her.  Right as she was leaving they told us his counts were good, it was probably viral and we could go home. 

Today has been fairly low key.  Michael Ann and Madison stopped by with a birthday gift.  We had a small get together at mom’s for a family birthday party this afternoon and then he took a four hour nap.  His temp has remained low grade, his nose is still runny and he has an occasional cough.  We are praying we make it through the night without going back to Children’s.  More rest tomorrow and then we’ll head to the clinic on Monday morning to see the doctor and get chemo.  Hopefully he’s ready to go to bed.  Mommy and Daddy are tired.  Night, night!


Croup, fever and three trips to the ER………..

It’s been a busy week and thankfully things are finally slowing down around here.  Kort’s coughing has gotten a lot better and less frequent.  He hasn’t had fever since Friday night and seems to have more energy.  His food and fluid intake isn’t back to normal but I think he’s eaten a little more than yesterday. 

Visits from his Daby, Aunt Dana, Ms. Cottingham, Nana, Kiki and cousin Taylor have brightened his spirits.  Daby’s banana bread and angel cake always brings a smile to his face while puzzles with Nana, Kiki and Taylor keep him entertained.  He was finally able to give Ms. Cottingham her Valentine and enjoyed looking at the cards his classmates made him. 

Tomorrow we head to the clinic for his monthly chemo appointment.  He’ll begin his steroid pulse, have blood work done, get Vincrinstine in his port and see the doctor. 

We are very thankful for all the prayers, phone calls, text messages and visits.  It’s comforting to know after all this time prayers continue for Kort. 

Watching a movie on my phone during Friday’s six hour ER visit.

Kort wore a mask while we were in the waiting room.


Measuring Spoon Mission…………

Each week Kort takes Bactrim for three days, once in the morning and once in the evening each day.  A few weeks ago I was looking for the measuring spoon and found it hanging on the handle of a drawer in the kitchen.  Kort heard me laughing and was extremely proud of himself for giving me a surprise.  Since then it’s been his mission to leave it in places I’d least expect.  Here are a few of those places.





My mom took Kort to the clinic this week for blood work.  His counts were a little high and have been so they increased his daily chemo we give at home.  He had a good week at school and really enjoy gymnastics on Thursday. 

The last two days he’s been fighting off a cold or something.  He has a cough.  Last night he ran a low-grade temp but thankfully it didn’t reach the magic number of 101.  

Today his aunt Kiki took him to see Beauty and the Beast 3D.  They had a lot of fun and I was able to get some school work done.  I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend.  It’s time to read Kort some books so I’ll say night night.







365 days or 52 weeks and counting…………….

Thursday was another milestone in Kort’s journey with leukemia.  Kort’s been fighting ALL for the last 860 days.  As of Thursday, he had only 365 days to go.  We had a celebration with friends and family and enjoyed the most awesome cake created by Emma J’s Bakery in Norman.

Kort had been anxiously awaiting the party.  He chose the theme, Phineas and Ferb surfing tidal waves, shopped for plates and napkins and made original decorations for the house.

Here’s one of his decorations.  The coloring represents Agent P, a bluish colored platypus who wears a brown hat, has a yellow bill and an orange tail.  He had Nana write for him and told her exactly what to say.  We hung 4 different signs along the mantel.  (Adorable picture above his sign courtesy of Sara’s Photo Creations!)

I think this was the first countdown party he somewhat understood.  I’ve always said these parties are really for the adults since he hasn’t had much concept of time.  Although Thursday he seemed a little more aware that the end of chemo is getting closer.

So, my goal over the next 52 weeks is to take lots of pictures and write a blog entry at least once a week.  Wish me luck and please continue to pray for Kort.  Although a year feels much closer to the end of treatment than we felt on September 1, 2009, we’re still fighting.  Pray he stays healthy, the leukemia remains in remission and his body can fight the side effects of the chemo.  As always, thank you for loving us and supporting us through this journey.


Light the Night is just around the corner……………..

Light the Night is October 23rd.  We are raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  You can make a donation, order a t-shirt and/or bracelets.  Pics are below.  You can also join our team, Kickin’ It Kort Style, and walk with us to support Kort in his journey with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.  Last year we raised a little over $7,000 and had over 40 team members.  It was a lot of fun and we’d love to have a bigger turn out this year.

You can join our team by going to http://pages.lightthenight.org/ok/OKCityL11/KickinItKortStyle and clicking JOIN at the bottom of the page.  You can also make a donation to any of the team members by clicking on their name.

Below are pics of this year’s shirt and prices.  Bracelets are $2.00 and are black with green wording Kickin’ It Kort Style. 

Crew Necks Short Sleeved Ts      15.00 ( up to 6x)  Children Sizes   12.00
Long Sleeved Ts                                17.00  (up to 3x)
American Apparel V Necks         20.00  (adult sizes up to XXL only)
Crew Neck Sweat Shirts                 25.00 (Up to 3x)
Hoodies                                               30.00 (up to 3x)
(Add $1.00 for each X if larger than XL)









We can make a difference in the fight against blood cancers.  Research is the key to finding a cure so every dollar counts.  Help us help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society find a cure and thank you again for supporting Kort in this journey.


It’s been two years………..

This was Kort two years ago.

We were just getting home from a five-day hospital stay.  His “babies” were his most prized possessions and they had missed their bed.  Kort missed his bed and the comforts of home.

Pre-B Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.  Three and a half years of treatment.  Chemo, spinal taps, nausea and nuetropenia.  Lives turned upside down.

This is Kort today.

His cars are his “babies”.  His collection represents our journey in the childhood cancer world.  Gifts from friends, loved ones and strangers.  Bribes from Momma to get EMLA cream on his back or meds in his tummy.  Celebrations for a milestone completed.

Pre-K, gymnastics and art classes.  Friends, laughing, swimming and wishing.

Two years of prayers from all over the world.  We are blessed beyond measure.  Four hundred and eighty nine days to go.


So good to be home…..

We are thrilled to be home and sleeping in our own beds once again.  Add to that a home cooked meal and the Nicholson’s are on cloud nine.  The minute Kort was unhooked from Stix he was bouncing off the walls with pure joy.  Praise the Lord for answered prayers!

We are expecting home health care supplies to be delivered today and we’re very happy to be working with Jennifer again.  Kort will receive seven days of iv antibiotics.  Jennifer will change the dressing around his port Thursday and then she can remove the needle Sunday.  We return to the clinic Monday for a routine finger prick. 

The last time Kort was really sick was when he had pneumonia.  His counts dropped about a week later and he was neutropenic (unable to fight infection) for two weeks.  Please pray his body continues to fight this bacteria, the meds completely kill the bacteria and that he doesn’t become neutropenic in the coming weeks.  Thank you again for your love and support.

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